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LINE OA an Important tool for Entrepreneurs

LINE Official Account or LINE OA is designed for brands and companies to send news, information, marketing activities, promotions, and other content directly to their customers, also called as Broadcast. 

LINE OA uniqueness is it’s feature that helps make managing and services more convenient for customers. Moreover, it’s also able to create various marketing activities and campaigns, where we have gathered LINE OA’s significant features that will help skyrocket your business sales.


  1. Build a good first impression with Greeting Message

    Greeting Message is the first message sent to your customer once they add you as friends. Added customers probably have interests or questions about your product or services, such as the product details or how to order for their decision making. Greeting Message is a good way to start as it doesn’t only work as a start of a conversation but you could also include other information that customers might want immediately.

  2. Send Messages to Target Audiences

    The more you know your customers, the better you understand the logic behind their buying decisions. LINE OA will help you identify customers into your target groups, before the message is Broadcast. By grouping them according to customer’s behaviour, which includes age, gender, functions used, and period as LINE friends. To get you the most effective Broadcast audience group, moreover, this information could help identify your strong and weak points in order to improve your product and services.

  3. Rich Menu customizable menu on chat screen

    Rich Menu help makes purchasing more accessible and convenient, as it includes 6 functions. You can customize up to 6 actions on Rich Menu, which is often used for frequently asked questions, to give customers an instant information or answer. By which you can embed links to product catalogs, websites, product status, contact information, store location, promotions or other important broadcasts.

  4. Chat Tag customers organizing tool

    Chat Tag, a function on LINE OA that helps you organize your customer by putting a Tag to their contact. You can create up to 200 Tags and set up to 10 different Tags for each customer. This function helps recognize and group customers freely, given, premium customers, new customers, paid customers, etc.

  5. Reward Card to build repeat customers

    Reward Card or point card is one of the marketing activities to boost sales and have a repeat customer. The strategy is to offer rewards once customer reaches a certain point, you can create and give out Reward Cards to customers through LINE Broadcast, Social Media or embed a link on Rich Menu for customers to use. In addition, for more privileged customers, you can create and offer a Premium card to collect more points and earn a big price.


It’s the basic building blocks in doing business that could further expand onto other features. LINE OA is usually used to create a good brand image and increase sales opportunity, it’s also a platform suitable for all business sizes from SME to big corporates. With various features equipped, businesses can create interesting marketing activities and promote products and services to better reach its target audiences. 


If you are interested in creating a LINE Official Account or LINE OA that is effective and trustworthy at a reasonable price, Fastwork For Business have experts who could help guide and give consultancy for your business.

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LINE OA an Important tool for Entrepreneurs

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