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What is motion design? What is motion graphic? What is its impact on viewers?

As the names suggest, Motion Design or Motion Graphics are the mixture of movement (motion), graphical elements and design. Therefore, this type of graphical work does not only involve lines and space but also time and movements. The more widely-known motion graphic media are videos and animations

How marketers can use motion graphics to gear up their communication strategies.

  • Traditional Advertising : Motion Graphics in a form of online video, advertisement, television commercial can be used to raise brand awareness.
  • Video Advertising : Many popular video advertising, case studies, experience sharing and reviews are done in motion graphics form.
  • Explainer Video : A plethora of brands adopt motion graphics in their product launches as a means to introduce their new products or services, or a means to educate consumers on the product’s instruction. 
  • Social Media Video : Very well accepted by the mass, motion graphics in video format are ubiquitous on any social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. The research from Tubular Insights has shown that 64% of consumers are more attracted to a product after watching the video about it social media.

And these are a few ways to spice up your motion graphics to make it more enticing in communicating about your brand.

  1. Use a story with an emotional impact When a brand chooses to tell a story with an emotional impact through motion graphics, these videos will pass over the emotion to the viewers and create a sense of mutual experience as if the viewers are in the story themselves.
  2. Use to explain complex topics Complex topics are easier for viewers to digest when they are explained with visual elements rather than just texts.
  3. Use less time to create memorable impression Motion graphics can create longer lasting impressions within less time and using less information.
  4. Portraying brand characteristics. Motion design is a good way to show your brand characteristics to your viewers. If whether your brand has a fun or serious characteristic, motion graphics can be tailored to portray just any aspects through its graphical movements.

However, motion design requires experts who can skillfully use certain computer programs and is a time consuming task. Therefore, most brands decide to hire designers or graphic designers to save their  time. Fastwork For Business is one of the alternatives that business owners trust and turns to when they want to seek outsourcing services.

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