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       Put simply, ‘influencers’ are people who have an influence among specific groups due to their expertise or profound knowledge in certain areas, also their popularity. These people have some groups of followers or fans who might share the same interest with them or just have admiration for them only. Therefore, influencers are not restricted to celebrities or stars, but also bloggers, reviewers and net idols.

       For ‘Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)’, these people are considered to be more influential than the influencers, as these people are usually more well-known, have somewhat cult-like followership and have higher credibility. So KOLs have more convincing power and are more effective when endorsing products for sales and credibility. 

       Whether they are influencers or KOL, these people are influential and widely-followed on social media. This enables them with the abilities to endorse and promote brands or services. Their credibility is represented through the amount of their followers which can start from a few thousands to millions across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


       The Ecommerce market has been growing rapidly thanks to the increase in global internet usage that has bumped up to 9 hours per day

       Influencer marketing can be used as a platform to push or flood your brands or products into customer awareness and perception rapidly and precisely. Each individual influencer or KOL has their unique way to communicate and this attracts the like-minded followers to the like-minded influencers. So whenever the influencers speak, the followers are more willing to pay more attention to the message compared to other types of marketing, and this can be escalated more efficiently to purchase decisions too.

       Therefore, influencer marketing is an essential part of online marketing nowadays because it can tremendously create meaningful impact to brands. With the power of influencer marketing, even new-born brands can establish themselves in the market in no time through word of mouth, endorsement and referral, that is the power of influencer marketing.



  • Due to its humongous amount of followers, influencers/ KOLs can amplify brands’ communication to spread faster and create higher volume of demand. 
  • Brands can choose to target certain groups of consumers by precisely selecting influencers/ KOLs whose fan base has similar attributes to the intended groups, this selective strategy will yield better return on investment.
  • Influencers/ KOLs can convince their followers to participate in or pay attention to the topic that brands speak through them.
  • When influencers/ KOLs endorse or promote a product and their fans decide to make a purchase, their fans usually come back to endorse the product too (if they are satisfied). This is similar to word of mouth marketing/ referral marketing which are a very effective method to sell goods.
  • Influencers/ KOLs with high credibility will create a halo effect to the brand when they endorse it. This helps new-born brands establish their credibility faster in the market.
  • Influencers and KOLs can communicate the message more directly to the target customers than other types of media that might cost more time and investments.
  • Consumers, as in followers in this case, tend to be more loyal and trustful to influencers/ KOLs whom they follow. This speeds up brand acceptance, consideration and purchase decisions in just a single touch point of the marketing.

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to get a “Professional Influencer Marketing Manual” featuring top tactics on how to effectively use influencer marketing

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